Official 501(c)(3) Nonprofit to Save Ukrainian Children

Our Priorities
The war disrupted the lives of Ukrainian children and put their futures at stake.


The safety of every Ukrainian child is our highest priority. We want all children in Ukraine to feel safe and be in secure lodging.

Access to Food

We believe that every Ukrainian child should have access to hot meals and food. We provide packaged foods to Ukrainian children.

Educational Materials

Every Ukrainian child needs to have access to educational materials such as technology, school supplies, and well-being support resources.

About Us

We help children affected by the war in Ukraine by providing supplies, packaged foods, educational materials, financial support, technology, and other resources. We believe in the future of Ukrainian children and work to maximize our social impact reach.

Victoria M. Voytsitska
Member of Ukrainian Parliament

“I value the work of the Futurevia nonprofit and appreciate for help provided to the most needed - children. The Chernihiv city revival totally depends on children being able to go to school and your help helps to return life and hope to those who were terribly affected by heavy shelling by Russians during the first four weeks of the war.”

Oleksiy Goncharenko
Member of Ukrainian Parliament, Vice President of the PACE Committee on Migration, Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons

“We are very thankful Futurevia for your support because it’s not only about the practical things, but it gives hope to Ukrainians that they are not alone.”

Jeffrey Morris
Dartmouth Class of ‘75, President of Wisconsin Alumni Association and Wisconsin DED

“Oleksandr is your typical Dartmouth student: really smart, caring, self-starting, articulate, and determined. When we first FaceTimed, he explained Futeriva’s founding and mission thoroughly and anticipated (and answered) all my questions. I told him I was confident he would soon experience just how loyal Dartmouth alums are not just to the College, but to today’s students and their causes and passions.”

Our Passionate Team

Oleksandr Zavalov

Jack Grodnick
Executive Vice President

Tetiana Luchak
Vice President

Yuriy Kamelchuk
Member of Ukrainian Parliament

Julia Gershun
Director of Donor Relations
Miss Ukraine,
Mrs. Universe 2018,
UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

Oleksandra Atamanenko
PR Manager

Sofiia Zaozerska
Director of Ukrainian Talent Engagement

Alina Chadwick
Director of IT

Melissa Galiba
Director of App Development

Kateryna Romanenko
Grant Manager

Nikita Briazghin
Video Producer

We are published in The Dartmouth. Click on the logo to read.

Current Projects

200,000 Chromebooks to Children in Ukraine

Futurevia Business School in Ukraine

Futurevia Educational Platform with AI

Rebuilding Chernihiv Schools

Chernihiv city in Ukraine was heavily bombarded during the first month of the war and needs support with rebuilding schools and delivering educational materials to children. We are working with Chernihiv City Council to provide support to specific schools, helping one school at a time.

Humanitarian Aid

We help deliver humanitarian aid to Ukrainian children.


We collect, organize, and strategically deliver donations to help Ukrainian children.

Inventing Solutions

We invent new solutions and support networks for supporting Ukrainian children.

Our Partners

Ukrainian Parliament

Goncharenko Centers in Ukraine. 26 centers providing free educational, cultural, and volunteer programs.

Our Top Sponsors

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1 Kent Johnson
2 Rick Spier
3 James Hughes

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